Improving our present, we create deserving future

Established in 1997, Olvia Trading and Production Corporation is a holding structure headed by a management company, whose business units lead manufacturing and trading businesses in various sectors of the foreign and domestic markets.

We line up long-term relationships with our partners based on honesty, reliability and mutually beneficial cooperation, ensuring successful joint growth.

Our mission and values:

Olvia Trading and Production Corporation is a team of professionals that generates and implements successful initiatives for the benefit of investors, employees, partners, customers and society.

Improving the present, we create a decent future.

Tasty Food Ltd. is engaged in the development a world class fast-food franchise in Ukraine, which includes a restaurant serving tasty KFC chicken.
The first restaurant was opened in Dnipro in 2014.

KFC restaurant chain is present in more than 21 000 locations in 130 countries and territories around the world. Tasty Food is the leader on the CIS market in growth of trade turnover.

 - More than 15 restaurants all over Ukraine
 - 12 000 guests served daily in the chain of restaurants
 - 600 workers

· The first restaurant with "Free Refill" system
· The first restaurant in K2 design
· The first restaurant with "Fusion" design
· The first restaurant in the CIS built using the technology of "Clean Rooms"
· The first restaurant with a covered terrace

Created in 2004 the leading enterprise in the market providing a wide complex of professional services in leasing of different classes of offices and warehouses.

Equipment and infrastructure of complexes makes it possible to organize high-quality warehouse logistics at optimal costs.

· 5.5 hectares total area of the office and warehouse complex

· 6 500 square meters total area of office and household spaces

· 21 800 square meters total area of storage facilities

Established in 2003 for the purpose of implementation of investment projects and coordination of work of commercial real estate objects; carries out a full cycle of the services and works necessary for the functioning and management of real estate objects

· Leasing of retail space and premises

· Office rent

· Sale of commercial real estate

Construction company Olvia is a general contractor with design and service in industrial construction: metallurgy, mining and processing plants, logistics centers, infrastructure, oil and gas industry, agro-industrial complex.

 - We implement highly complex solutions that other companies cannot.
 - We reduce the time to reach production capacity, help speed up the investment cycle, and ensure reliable operation of facilities.
 - Our solutions prevent risks of wrong design decisions and equipment failure.

· 20 years in the market
· 1 040 employees
· 609 units of construction equipment

· 270 170 sq. meters of shopping centers, supermarkets and shops
· 112 690 sq. meters of industrial facilities
· 312 000 sq. meters of administrative, office and residential real estate

Distribution Business founded in 1994 is represented by the AFINA Group.

The AFINA Group specializes in three areas:
· Distribution;
· Contract logistics services;
· Export-import.

· 60% of the territory of Ukraine
· 75 contracts with national and transnational producers

· Large-scale distribution centers, customer service branches, providing services of contract logistics
· Distribution system of local and imported goods
· Own brands in Non-Food categories

The first supermarket was opened in 2003 in Dnipro. Today, VARUS is one of the largest FMCG-networks by trade turnover according to the Ukrainian Retail Association.

· 87,300 sq. meters of total retail space
· 100 supermarkets in 27 cities of Ukraine
· 1,000,000 users of the VARUS PERFECT loyalty program
· 6,700 employees
· 31,700 items of food and related products
· 260,000 customers daily

EVA chain of shops is the largest national network of beauty and health shops offering a wide range of decorative goods cosmetics, face and body care products, jewelry, accessories, household goods, as well as child care products.

EVA adheres to the highest standards of customer service and the level of corporate culture, which is reflected in the company’s service model: «EVA is the best friend, she gives happiness to be yourself».

· 43 private labels
· 8 000 000 users of the EVA MOSAIC loyalty program
· 1000 stores across the territory of Ukraine
· 30 000 SKUs
· 12 000 employees

Dnipro Greenhouse Complex is one of the largest producers of greenhouse vegetables in Ukraine. The main part of its products are Taste of Summer™ greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes.

All the grown products are the environmentally friendly.

· 23,5 hectares effective area of the greenhouses
· 4 hectares of greenhouses with a film covering according to the European standard
· 9 000 000 kg of vegetable products per year
· 3rd place in production of organic cucumbers and tomatoes